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Getting Started
1. Introduction
2. Switching to GNU/Linux
3. Getting openSUSE
4. Installation
The Fundamentals
5. KDE Plasma Workspace
6. Apps for Common Tasks
7. Security and Root
8. Terminal
9. Admin. Settings (YaST)
10. Installing Software
11. Software Repositories
12. MS Windows Interop
13. Multimedia Codecs
14. Graphics Drivers
15. Wifi
A: Help and Docs
B: Games
C. Under the Hood
D. History and Background
E: Getting Involved
GNU Free Documentation License
14. Browser Plugins
Many websites require various browser plugins to be installed to function as expected. Here are some plugins that you may want to install. Only install these plugins if you need them, as they can impact performance and security while browsing the internet.

tip If the concepts of package manager and repositories are foreign to you, revisit the chapters Installing Software and Software Repositories.

14.1 Adobe Flash
Install the package freshplayerplugin, if you need Flash support for some online videos, games and other things (Packman Repository is required).

Installing Flash in the terminal:
zypper addrepo -f packman

zypper install freshplayerplugin

14.2 Java
Java web applets are used for games, home banking in some countries, and various other things.

Install the package icedtea-web with the package manager if it isn't already installed.

Installing Java browser plugin in the terminal:
zypper install icedtea-web

14.3 Video and Audio Streaming
To get support for various multimedia streams in Firefox and other browsers, install the package xine-browser-plugin (Packman Repository required).

Installing multimedia plugin in the terminal:
zypper install xine-browser-plugin

14.4 Microsoft Silverlight
Microsoft have created something called Silverlight to compete with Adobe Flash in making the web require proprietary extensions.

As you'd expect Microsoft do not provide an official plugin for GNU/Linux, but there is something called Pipelight bringing Microsoft Silverlight to the GNU/Linux platform. You can find Pipelight packages for openSUSE here

Netflix will play in the latest Google Chrome Browser, without any need for Microsoft Silverlight.

14.5 Google Hangouts
Google provide voice and video chat with Google services on GNU/Linux with a browser plugin. Download the RPM files for openSUSE here:

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